; Anti Radiation

Anti Radiation

Radi Safe Anti Radiation Cellphone Sticker, Anti-Electromagnetic Radiation Cell Phone Anti-Electromagnetic Radiation Patch/Sticker. Specially designed Cell Phone Anti-Electromagnetic Patch can effectively remove a headache, insomnia and hair loss caused by Electronic radiation. prevent stress, fatigue, and brain tumors and blood cancer caused by electromagnetic radiation. High Quality Anti Electro Radiation Sticker for all phones Size: 25*35mm Total Weight: 20g Package: 1pcs/ pack (OPP bag or Plastic box) 100 pcs/box 10000 pcs/carton

Application: It can also be used with other devices emitting electro radiations, like walkie-talkies. mobile phones, keyboards, laptops, LCD monitor, digital cameras, MP3 or PC … Anti-radiation, particularly suitable for those who have always using handphone or computer for long hours. Can be ripped off without leaving residue marks Features: Strong protection, Super Nano EMI Fiber (Protection against radiation) Absorb and transfer electromagnetic radiation waves by using special materials and reduce mobile phone radiation injury on the human brain of 99 percent. Wide range application, Anti-Electromagnetic Radiation Patch/Sticker suite for anti-radiation for most of electronic device such as devices emitting electro radiations, walkie-talkies. mobile phones, keyboards, laptops, LCD monitor, digital cameras, MP3 or PC. Charming designs Ideal for sale promotion and gift. Easily stick and remove. Competitive price, high quality; good service, Free custom Logo design, Free custom package picture design; Short lead time, Free shipping and Fast delivery. Directions for use: 1 Take off the adhesive tape on the back of the patch. 2. Paste the adhesive side of the patch on the back of the mobile phone near the antenna(antenna position is on the top left or top right of M.P., where the parch can reduce the radiation rate more than 99 percent).



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